Landscaping Beach Park IL

Landscaping services in Beach Park keep a healthy pace in earnings as more people realize the value of a green lawn with rising global warming cases. Data shows that real estate is a significant consumer of landscaping in Beach Park, IL.

You may be missing out on the best real estate commission because you want to trust that the property will uphold its lawn throughout the marketing phase. The best professional landscaper should refresh nature to add immense value to the home at affordable rates. We are a popular lawn and mowing company because we understand the local climate and economic states of properties in the area.


Comparison between our landscaping in Beach Park IL with nearby competitors

A basic landscaping company in Beach Park IL firms only focuses on essential services like mowing and blowing. The reputable firm presents a list of services for a spectrum of features. We have competitive and trustworthy individuals who base your umbrella of services on your exact lawn condition. The a la carte of landscaping packages include the following:

  • Fertilization – Different soil types need different kinds of fertilizers. It is overwhelming to choose one with scientific agriculture. We make it easy by looking at foot traffic, season, plant type, and soil composition.

  • Aeration – Certain plants like grass need proper aeration to flourish. It is natural for grassy or short shrubs to crowd the lawn and create a scrub that quickly suffocates nutrient and air circulation.

  • Soil Ph – The soil will not serve your lawn well no matter the amount of fertilizer and water you infuse. Most grounds should be between the 5.5 and 6.5 level. We perform professional tests and tend to the soil with quality micronutrient enhancers like sulfur.

  • Overseeding – Grass thins out over time because of the blades’ exposure to severe climatic conditions. You need to know the exact time to fight off disease and insects for a nutrient-rich soil. We have different solutions for bites, stings, chiggers, ants, and mosquitoes for custom results.

  • Organic treatments – The lawn should have an eco-friendly Beach Park landscape and supply solutions to ensure long-term success.



The crew that comes to inspect and work on your lawn should be well acquainted with the local climate and soil types. They should have a consistently updated lawn care program and flexibility to keep promises. You can trust Majestic Lawn Care to give relevant advice for your property. Information about our landscaping craft in Beach Park, IL, revolves around the following situations:

  • The exact professionals who supervise the project

  • Consistency of the staff that inspects and works on the lawn

  • Experience of each professional

  • Kind of training we receive for different landscaping levels

  • Ability to change the crew upon request at any time

Maintaining the lawn

Some homeowners notice more weed a couple of weeks after an intense landscaping project. They do not prefer taking up the job because of other demands like work and family. Our team is adept at maintaining your lawn in a constant battle to eradicate weed and maintain the aesthetic.

Lawn care firms should make their programs work for you at all times. The best way to be conscientious is to call landscape contractors and gardeners in Beach Park for further clarification. Reach out at (331) 999-2631 now for the best lawn care solutions.